1. Why is the church called Paterson Memorial Presbyterian Church?

  • We are a mission in and to the south part of Sarnia, Ontario. In 1926, Rev. Paterson of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in downtown Sarnia saw the need to plant a new church in our neighbourhood. In 1931, three years after Rev. Paterson’s death, our church was planted.
  • Paterson Church, in turn, organized the forming of Laurel Lee Presbyterian Church to the east in 1946. Through our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing we continue to support the planting and development of new churches to share the good news of God’s love.

2. Who are the leaders at Paterson Presbyterian Church?

  • Paterson is led by the “session,” a group of elders, men and women of all ages who the congregation has elected to this role. The session uses gifts of pastoral care and leadership to help nurture and guide the congregation as we worship God and show love to our neighbours together.
    • Pastor: Allan Farris
    • Music Leader (Organist and Choir Director): Vonda
    • Clerk of Session: Faye
    • Secretary: Trudy
    • Custodian: David
    • Sunday School Leader: Linda
    • …and all of us! We believe that we are all called to serve God and each other with the gifts that God has given us, here in Sarnia, Ontario and everywhere we go!

3. What do “Presbyterians” believe?

4. Where can I learn more about the Presbyterian Church in Canada?

5. Where can I learn more about the Christian faith and becoming a follower of Jesus? Who can I talk to about the struggles and joys of life? 

  • Please contact our pastor Allan Farris at 519-344-6422 or patersonpastor@gmail.com. He would love to meet you, talk with you, and pray for you. If you want to learn more about joining our community of faith, he can also let you know about the next set of new members classes.

6. How do I add my contact information to the Paterson church directory? Receive offering envelopes or sign up for Pre-Authorized Remittance? Sign up for a mailbox in the foyer?